Recreational Drones

Recreational drones aka quadcopters aka quadricopters are a great way to have fun - and affordable.

One might think that are only attractive for hobbyists or geeks but the truth is that they well suited for anyone and of any age.

The ease of controlling the drone - even with your smart phone - makes it attractive to the non specially skilled ''pilots''. Moreover, almost all models incorporate cameras for great overhead photos and even live streaming to the web.

Compared to the older flying airplane and helicopter models, flying drones are tempting because they can hover easily even inside a room.

Latest models incorporate cameras, GPS receivers, stabilizers, cameras with facilities to auto track a person or a scene, night flight vision, and some are flying completely autonomous with no intervention if you just set their destination.

The wide range of models you can find in our shop, will satisfy any requirement you might have. From pocket to professional octocopters that can carry small loads are all available at the best prices on the web.